ICSJ programs

Jummah Prayers

Jummah attendance is by REGISTRATION ONLY.

Read our guidelines during Covid.

The first Jummah 1:00 - 1:25PM

The second Jummah 1:30 - 1:55PM

MUHSEN Certification

ICSJ is working towards becoming a MUHSEN certified masjid. We are committed to supporting and partnering with MUHSEN, a nonprofit national organization, raising awareness and working towards accomodating special needs community members and their families.

Sunday School

Please note that our Sunday School classes are held online for the academic year 2020-21. All classes will be taught through Google Education Portal including Google Classroom and Zoom.

Address: 612 Garfield Avenue, Palmyra, NJ 08065
Phone: (856) 786-7440
Email: masjid.icsj@gmail.com
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