There are a few major steps to arranging a funeral (Janāzah) with ICSJ:

1) Contact a funeral home. We recommend using one of these two:










2) Purchase a grave spot in a cemetery. ICSJ uses Morgan Cemetery in Cinnaminson, NJ for burials:

3) Coordinate between funeral home and cemetery. ICSJ uses the following cemetery for burials:

ICSJ COVID-19 Funeral Procedure

We are in contact with the directors at Falco Caruso Funeral Home who also receive regular updates from the State of NJ and The Center for Disease Control in the handling of potentially infected persons for Janazah/Muslim funeral services.

The funeral home will strictly adhere to CDC guidelines for burial of those passing away due to COVID-19 to minimize spread of infection.


Mufti Niaz alone with no more than ONE FAMILY MEMBER will meet with the funeral director to make arrangements for the deceased. Please contact Mufti Niaz for Funeral Home and Cemetery information: (267) 640-6809.


The cemetery will also strictly adhere to CDC and NJ Governor Executive guidelines for the burial of those passing away due to COVID-19. Janazah will take place directly at the cemetery and not at the Masjid. A maximum of ten (10) immediate family members will be permitted to attend the Janazah.



Due to the risks of infection and contamination, there will be no washing or Tayammum (dry Wuḍu) for the body, nor will there be any washing or Masaḥ on the outside of the body bag. The body bag will not be wrapped in a Kafn either. There is a clear precedent in our Shari’ah of a person being buried without ghusl, which is that of an actual Shaheed. This scenario can be applied due to absolute necessity.

Falco, Caruso & Leonard Funeral Home

6600 Browning Road

Pennsauken Township, NJ 08109

(856) 665-0150

Base Service Cost: $2750

Cardboard Box: $165

Concrete Grave Vault: $1375 (optional)

Copies of Death Certificate: $20 each

Khadijah Alderman Funeral Home

1924 W Hunting Park Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19140

(215) 225-6600

Base Service Cost: $2750

Wooden Pine Box: $350

Concrete Grave Vault: $1000 (optional)

Copies of Death Certificate: $20 each

Morgan Cemetery

1100 Cinnaminson Avenue

Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

Limited Time Pricing: $500 (only a few spaces left)

Payable to "ICSJ - Islamic Center of South Jersey"

Please contact the Imam, Mufti Niaz Hannan for details: (267) 640-6809 or