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Sunday School Sports Day 2020

Sunday, MARCH 15, 2020

The Funplex - 3320-24 NJ-38, Mt Laurel Township, NJ 08054
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
$15 Per Student

Ticket includes unlimited indoor attractions, Bowling & shoe rental, Pizza & Drinks. Arcade games excluded.

Sports Day is part of Sunday School activities and not an optional event. Students not attending sports day without prior leave of absence will be marked absent as well as will lose 5 points on their final score

How to buy sports day bands:

1. Fill the form online

2. Pay (online or in-person)

3. Collect band from the office


  • If you choose to pay online, you have the option to Paypal directly to OR use the credit card in Paypal option by clicking the “Donate” option on masjid website


  • Once you have paid online, collect your band from the Sunday School Office after we confirm that the payment has been received


  • If you are not paying online, you still must first fill the form online, and then pay at the Sunday School Office and collect the band


  • Teachers who want to take part in Bowling must also buy a band for $15 after filling the form online 

  • Parents and teachers who do not want to Bowl,  do not have to fill the form and can buy separate discounted bands for $5 that include only Pizza and drink options

  • No drop-offs. Parents/guardians must stay with the kids for the duration of their stay. 

  • For any questions or concerns please send email to ICSJ-School-Board:

What happens on Sports Day (Sunday, March 15):

1. Meet us at the Funplex at 10 AM near the Bowling area (NO DROP OFFS!)

2. We will swap the band with Funplex band

3. Choose any activity included with your band and have fun! 

Any issues or queries at the Funplex on the day of the event, please reach out to the following coordinators:

Shoeb Khan: (732) 216-6934
Faraz Khan: (215) 971-4319
Imran Shaikh: (203) 241-4124


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