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Sunday School Online Registration Is Now Closed! 

Darul Ehsan Islamic Education School

Islamic Center of South Jersey (ICSJ) operates an Islamic Education Sunday School for students from Grade 1 through Grade 12. The school has been operating since 1995.


Our mission is to educate Muslim children with the teachings of Islam, building excellent moral character, and becoming productive members of the community and society.  


Our hours of operations are 10 am - 1 pm every Sunday, followed by Zuhr Prayers.


We offer separate classrooms for each grade and teacher assignment based on their subjects.

The Goals of our Islamic School include:

Providing quality Islamic Education to our children such that,

  • they understand it,

  • they remember it, and

  • they are able to apply it.


The curriculum consists of the following Islamic education topics:

  • Knowledge of the Quran and the Sunnah

  • Quranic recitation

  • Quranic studies (surahs/chapters from Juz Amma with translation and brief tafseer)

  • Fiqh and Aqidah

  • Islamic Social Studies

  • Arabic Language

  • Hadith Studies & Analysis

  • Seerah Studies


Islamic Sunday School Calendar 2022-2023 

ICSJ Sunday School Release of Claim Form (Only required for in-person registration)

Islamic Sunday School Class Schedule





Complete Student Registration Online

Deadline: September 10th, 2022

Note: All registrations must be completed online.

Step 2:

Pay Student Registration & Membership Dues Online

Deadline: September 10th, 2022

Step 3:

Buy books and pickup in person at the Masjid

Sunday, September 11th, 2022. 10 AM-1 PM

Note: Books can be purchased in-person only on this day.

Step 4:

Attend the first day of classes in person at the Masjid

Sunday, September 18th, 2022. 10 AM-1 PM

Step 5:

Follow the Sunday School Calendar for important dates


Pay Student Registration & Membership Dues Online

Add items to cart and checkout using Paypal


Please note that Sunday School will resume its regular operation with classes to be held in person at the Masjid. We will be following the CDC guidelines and social distancing as required. 

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