Darul Ehsan Islamic Sunday School

Islamic Center of South Jersery (ICSJ) operates a Sunday School every Sunday for kids from Grade 1 thru Grade 12. The school starts at 10am and ends at 1pm followed by Zuhr Prayers.

The Goals of Islamic School includes:

Provide quality Islamic Education to our children such that,

- They understand it

- Remember it and

- Are able to apply it


The curriculum consists of the following Islamic education topics:

- Knowledge of the Quran and the Sunnah

- Quranic recitation

- Quranic studies – Learning suwar from Juz Amma with translation and brief tafseer

- Fiqh and Aquidah

- Islamic Social Studies

- Arabic Language

Islamic Sunday School Calendar 2019-2020

ICSJ Sunday School Registration Form

ICSJ Sunday School Release of Claim Form