Step 1: Complete Student Registration Form online (Must be submitted before Sept 2nd for reduced registration fee $20. The fee will increase to $40 per student after September 2nd.

CLICK HERE: Student Registration Form


Step 2: Pay for membership AND registration fee

Membership can be paid in full $365 OR $200 (in September) and remaining $165 (in January)

Registration is $20 per student until September 2, 2020. 

Please put your name and specify membership fee in PayPal notes section. 

Step 3: Pay for the books online and collect the book set from the Masjid on September 20th between 10-12pm

Due to Covid-19 we are asking parents to buy complete set of books for the student based on their grades. For your convenience, we have already created the sets based on books that students needs and does not include books that students should already have. 

CLICK HERE to see the complete list of books and what is included in the set

Book set (not including books that students already have) Prices:

Grade 2: $39

Grade 3: $19

Grade 4: $11

Grade 5: $10

Grade 6: $11

Grade 7: $19

Grade 8: $22

Grade 9: $24

Grade 10: $50

Grade 11: $53

Grade 12: $0

CLICK HERE to see the complete list of books and what is included in the set

Please note that if you do not need a particular book in the set we have created for you then you can keep the book to be returned when Masjid is open again for in person visits. We will gladly accept return of UNUSED books from the set at that time. 

If you want to buy individual book and not the entire set, that option will be available at a later date in October through Masjid website store. For the start of school, parents MUST BUY THE ENTIRE SET.

Please collect the books sets you have paid online on Sunday, September 20 between 10-12pm.

Plase email: for any issues and questions related to registration