Islamic Sunday School Senior Trip 2020

NEW YORK CITY: 9-11 Memorial, ICCNY & Central Park
Grades: 7 to 12

Date: Saturday, April 11, 2020
Drop Off Time: 9:00AM Pickup Time: 6:30PM

Meeting Point: ICSJ, 612 Garfield Ave. Palmyra NJ, 08065

Trip Rules & Details:

  1. First preference: Students from grades 7th to 12th and volunteers/chaperones. Only 5 volunteers/chaperones will be allowed on the trip.
    Ticket price: $20.00 per person


  2. Second preference: Siblings/children (grades 1-6), spouses of volunteers, teachers, and parents (If seats are available)
    Ticket price: $30.00 per person


  3. Third preference: As decided by the committee and only if seats are available. Ticket price: $30.00 per person

  4. Release of the Claim form (click here), also available on masjid website must be filled for each student prior to the trip and must be submitted at the time of purchase of tickets or before boarding the bus.

  5. The maximum capacity of the bus is 55 passengers. Students from grades 7 to 12 must buy tickets under the first preference criteria by Sunday, March 8th.

  6. Everyone must report to the Masjid (612 Garfield Ave, Palmyra NJ) on the day of the trip by 9 AM. The bus will leave at 9:30 am sharp (no exception!)

  7. Bring money for lunch/snacks. Halal carts options will be available.

  8. We plan to arrive at the 911 Memorial by 11:30 am. Will perform Zuhr salah at the Islamic Cultural Center of NY (ICCNY) then head to Central Park for lunch. We will leave Central Park by 4:30 pm to return to ICSJ. InshaAllah.

  9. The bus ETA at the Masjid will be around 6:30 pm. Parents must be here to pick up their children no later than 30 minutes after the bus arrival time

Tickets will be available from the Sunday School Office starting Sunday, January 26, 2020