Seerah Competition 2019

Sunday Nov 24th from 10 AM.

Grades 1-6: Poster Competition

Students have the choice to pick from one of the given two topics for their grade and could use below reference book and/or material available online from authentic source.


Click Here to access the book.

Rules For Poster Competition:
Size of the poster: should not be more than 18 x 24


Grade 1 
Story of Halimah Radiyallahu Anha (pg. 15-16)
Story of Bahira (pg. 17-18)


Grade 2  
Story of Jibreel Alayhi Salam (pg. 22-23)
Story of Najashi (pg. 29-31)


Grade 3 
Isra and Mi’raj (pg. 37-38)
Hijrah (pg. 41 -43)


Grade 4 
Khadijah Radiyallahu Anha (pg. 19-21)
Arrival in Madinah (pg. 44-45)


Grade 5  
Year of Sorrow (pg. 35-36)
Farewell Pilgrimage (pg. 78-81)


Grade 6 
Battle of the Hunayn (pg. 72-74)
Battle of Tabuk (pg. 75-77)

Grades 7-12: Presentations

Please see the link below for the file prepared based on Book 20 of Ihya Ulum al-Deen of Imam al-Ghazali; as you will see, the content is different from previous years; the focus is getting to know the Blessed Prophet ﷺ a bit more closely: what he looked like, what was his character and manners, etc. 

Click Here to access the document.

The edited version of the book contains: 

How Allah ﷻ taught the Prophet ﷺ by means of the Qur’an, 
The qualities of his character,
his speech and laughter, 
his character and manner in regard to food and dress, 
his pardoning,  
his generosity, 
bravery and courage, 
his external countenance and appearance, 
and some of his miracles. 


Please note that we will combine grades 7, 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12 into four groups. PowerPoint presentations will be no more than four (4) slides.
Group    Grade        Topic    Pages from Book 20 
Group 1    Grade 7         Prophet ﷺ’s Food & Dress    5-7
Group 2    Grade 8        Prophet ﷺ’s Appearance    9-10
Group 3    Grade 9 & 10        Some of the Prophet ﷺ’s Miracles    10-11
Group 4    Grade 11 & 12        Prophet ﷺ’s Bravery and Courage    8



The speech competition will be a power point presentation of -       5 Slides (2.5 minutes)
Students will be judged on the following criteria:
·         Organization, Points: 10
·         Presentation, Points: 10
·         Conclusion, Points: 10


Final bell will ring when the time is over.
The results of the judges will be final and cannot be challenged