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Annual Seerah Competition


Sunday, December 18th, 2022 from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Program Agenda:

- The competition will start at 10 AM. 

- The Seerah competition will be held in the basement and the main floor

    - Students from grades 1-5 will be in the basement

    - Students from grades 6-12 will be in the congregation hall upstairs

    - Students must sit/stay in the designated area for their grade

- Lunch/snacks will be provided

- Parents are welcome to attend

Rules of the competition:

- The competition will be held in the Jeopardy format

- Each student will be called in one by one based on their grades

- Total 3 rounds 

- Each student will be asked one question in each round

- A student must answer all three questions correctly to be a winner (multiple winners in each grade are possible)

- A student with one incorrect answer will be a runner up (multiple runners up in each grade are possible)

- Any student with multiple incorrect answers will be disqualified

- Questions are created from the material shared with the students

Poster Competition (Grades 1 & 2):

Grade 1 Topic: The Family Tree of the Prophet (PBUH) 

Grade 2 Topic: The Miraj

Students will create posters based on the above topics and will bring them on the day of the competition to be put on displayed and judged.

Study Material for Grades 4 & 5


Study Material for Grades 6-9

Study Material for Grades 10-12

Seerah competition is part of the curriculum and each student participating in the competition will be awarded grade points based on their result

(winner-10, runner up-8, participants-5, non-participants-0) 

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