Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Sunday, January 16th from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

(masks are mandatory and social distancing will be observed)

Program Agenda:

- The competition will start at 10 AM. 

- The Seerah competition will be held in the basement and the main floor

    - Students from grades 1-6 should stay in the basement

    - Students from grades 7-12 should stay in the main hall upstairs

    - Students must sit/stay in the designated area for their grade

- Lunch/snacks will be provided

- Parents are welcome to attend

Rules of the competition:

- The competition will be held in the Jeopardy format

- Each student will be called in one by one based on their grades

- Total 3 rounds 

- Each student will be asked one question in each round

- A student must answer all three questions correctly to be a winner (multiple winners in each grade are        possible)

- A student with one incorrect answer will be a runner up (multiple runners up in each grade are possible)

- Any student with multiple incorrect answers will be disqualified

- Questions are created from the material shared with the students

Study Material for Grades 1-6

Study Material for Grades 8-12

Seerah competition is part of the curriculum and each student participating in the competition will be awarded grade points based on their result

(winner-10, runner up-8, participants-5, non-participants-0)