Job Opening

Updated: Apr 16

Position Title: Imam

Location: ICSJ 612 Garfield Ave, Palmyra NJ

Duration: Full-time

Salary: Commensurate with Qualification and experience.

About us:

Islamic Center of South Jersey (ICSJ), located in Palmyra, NJ, is a nonprofit organization serving the religious, educational, cultural and social needs of Muslims in South Jersey, NJ.

​ Our Center serves as a masjid (daily prayers, Friday/Jummah prayer, Eid prayer, collection and distribution of Zakat, Fitra, and Sadaqa funds), as well as a Sunday school, and a gathering place for the Muslim community in the region, offering various classes and programs.

ICSJ promotes closer cooperation and understanding among the people of all faiths and strives to contribute to the social, cultural, spiritual and economic betterment of the whole community.

Position Qualifications:

  • U.S Citizen

  • Fluent in Arabic and English (Urdu a plus)

  • Graduate from an accredited Islamic Institute.

  • Knowledge of Islamic Fiqh, Shariah, Quran and Hadith.

  • Ability to teach and communicate effectively with all age groups.

  • Excellent skills in delivering khutbahs, lectures and public speaking.

  • Good understanding of other religions and interfaith dialogue

  • Highly desirable to have memorized the entire Quran

Please forward your resume to to apply.

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